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Flag of Sprose
Seal of Sprose
location in region
Location of Sprose in Banaanvraag
Region Banaanvraag
Role Vice Delegate
Motto Pumpkins, seas and inspiration are so fun.
Capital Cyristië
Leader Princess Cassandra
Faith Ignorance
Currency Diamont-Nail
Animal Huge treasure-eating snail
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NationStates Sprose

The Queendom of Sprose is a nation in Banaanvraag.



The country of Sprose was discovered by escaped plunderers, prisoners, convicts and pirates. The one in charge of this band of misfits was Centifolia. When they arrived on the lands that would later be the Queendom of Sprose, they discovered diamonds and even more diamonds in all kinds of shapes and colours. This gave them the incentive to settle here and the City of Cyristhië was founded.

Principles of freedom

In this fledgling country the first and most strongly stabled rules were:

  • No prisons will ever be allowed so everyone will be able to live freely.
  • All loot will be shared equally.

These two founding principles are still very present in contemporary Sprose. The most important principle is the no-prisons rule. This rule has been extended to no law enforcement and is deeply ingrained in the Sprosian culture. Socialism is the result of the second rule: To share equally, but the black market is the proof of its low compliance.

Establishing the Monarchy and Economy

Around 50 years after settling, inflation was running rampant due to the continuous influx of diamonds. This incentivised the need for a figure of authority in this lawless angary of a country. The first Monarch of Sprose was democratically elected as Dimanche who was coincidently wed to the granddaughter of Centifolia named Sanquinea. She was known to be very impulsive and cheerful. Dimanche was a logical man who made calm and collected decisions. The currency of Sprose was decided to be Diamond Nails which were slivers of diamonds. They were calibrated to the price of bread. One blue Diamond Nail was one bread. Green was worth twice as much as blue. Yellow is five, red is ten, dark blue is fifty, white is 100 and black is 500. Everyone was given an equal amount of money and the rest was put in the vault under the newly stabled palace. When a new citizen arrived or was born he or she was given the same amount of Diamond Nails out the vault. Mining was outlawed to prevent further inflation. Dimanche also made sure that the remaining diamonds are forever tied to the royal family.

The irony of Dimanche

Dimanche was very distrustful of fidelity so he made the law that only the female line could inherit the throne, so his blood would forever flow through the royal line. His firstborn, a daughter named Fiwithe, bore a striking resemblance to her mother and not so much to him. His later born sons actually did show resemblance to their father, and rumour has it that he attempted to change the laws of inheritance a few days before he passed of a mysterious disease. Although recessive genes could go a long way to explain the dissemblance, legend says that not a single drop of blood of the first king flows through the royals of this Queendom. "To Dimanche" is now a proverb in Sprose, meaning "To solve all the problems of the future but to neglect the fatal one in the present." The inheritance of the throne was further established by Queen Fiwithe, although Sanguinea was effectively in charge, until she died of old age at 84.

Rules of inheritance

  1. A daughter of the current Queen of Sprose.
  2. In case of multiple daughters, the most competent has precedence.
  3. When no difference in competence can be discerned the oldest inherits.
  4. When no heir is found within a 3rd degree of separation, sons may inherit. However, their children are not eligible to the throne.
  5. When no heir is found, a female born in a female line since Sanquinea (due to the dispute of Dimanche's paternity he is not considered) and as closely related to the current Queen as possible will be put on the throne if she consents.

Homskili-Sprose-Waffia War

Between the years 32 BP and 0 BP there was a war between Waffia and Sprose when Waffia invaded Sprose and Homskili.


The Queendom of Sprose is a matrilineal primogeniture monarchy. The current queen is Princess Cassandra (reign: 514 - present). The Queen holds absolute authority and all laws pass through her. Due to this, the Queen's personal beliefs and moods have significant influence on the political landscape of Sprose.

Democracy vs absolute monarchy

The rule of Princess Cassandra is frequently interrupted with periods of democracy. Princess Cassandra generally enjoys high approval with the general populace while splinter groups figuring as opposition are often viewed with suspicion. This resulted in a 100 percent winrate of Princess Cassandra's political party. The periods of democracy are ended after varying amounts of time when Princess Cassandra reinstates absolute power for the monarchy. The policies of the Queendom are not noticeably different in either state of rule and transitions between the different periods are without physical conflict. This leads to an apparent peaceful political environment in Sprose.



Cities in Sprose are connected via railroads, waterways and walking paths. The railroads are a safe way of transportation; waterways have varying success and can only access cities located near rivers. It is recommended to check the walking path disappearances rating before going out.


The national belief of Sprose is Ignorance which was at the height of its popularity 400 years ago when Queen Niche employed this belief in her rule. The belief was founded on the idea that ignorance is bliss and to live a supreme happy life one must know as little as possible about the world. However, after ruling for 14 years the discovery was made that environmental disaster was approaching for Sprose. Due to the widespread belief in Ignorance scientists had a hard time convincing the Queen and population to change, prepare and act against the predicted flooding. This advice was ignored until the beginning stages of the disaster were clearly felt. After this the Queen was "voluntarily" abdicated and replaced by her youngest daughter, Queen Liste, who was the only one of her children to have followed formal education. With the lead scientist, Math, she designed a diamond dam around Cyristhië and a good amount of surrounding land as well as steeply reduced emission and imposed strict environmental laws. This decision transformed Sprose in the environmentally stunning nation it is today. The belief of Ignorance changed after this event. Today's version of ignorance is founded in ignorance martyrdom. This is the belief that you sacrifice yourself by acquiring knowledge about the world in order to keep those you love ignorant of the harsh truths. This is nowadays hard to achieve due to the extensive, widespread and free education system of Sprose.

In Sprose around 80 percent of the people are atheist, the others around 13 percent believes in ignorance the other 8 percent are other beliefs. Of those the 2 percent which believe in Capitalism, imported from the neighbouring nation of Pumbflork, are the most troublesome. These believers are almost solely found in the deep corners of the black market. A high-ranking individual to openly believe in Capitalism is Chibe Master. He is notable for his greed, black market connections and corrupting politics. He is suspected to be responsible some of the disappearances that plague this country and at least one of the transitions to Democracy.