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Not_Stallman's Fanfiction is a piece of fan fiction written by Not_Stallman. This page contains a copy of the work.

Stallman x Blood Tree a dramatic fanfiction by Not_Stallman: The Amazing Union of Saint Stallman and The Blood Tree

Chapter 1 Stallman realises his Love for The Blood Tree

Stallman looked lonely from the window while stroking his long silver hair feeling sad in his godlike body he thought about his one true beloved: Blood Tree <3. He thought back to the day he first noticed his love and how empty his live had been before he noticed the Blood Tree and its Beauty that transgresses any gender. His slender yet firm and humongous trunk and its nice leafy top and roots whose depth is only rivalled by Stallman’s love for the Blood Tree. He remembered his empty days before he met the Blood Tree, in the ugly casino in Bellyhair he gambled away his well-earned income taxes of the populace. Which he deserved for his amazing decision-making skills and absolute stunning looks. But even though he was perfect in any sense of the word he still missed a crucial part in his heart and soul. And then he won naturally without losing a single Golden Weij the best price in the entire casino with his magnificent skills and looks.

Looking at this wonderous gift like it had been from the heavens Stallman for the first time in his life felt truly happy. He knew that somewhere out there his one true love was waiting for him to help it to enslave the entirety of Banaanvraag in a union of Godlike Saint Stallman and an entity so far beyond humanity: in beauty, saintliness and love and devotion: The Blood Tree. However, before this wondrousness union could be achieved they first need to meet. Stallman due to his compassionate and loyal personality rivalled by non but the Blood Tree itself would make this meeting absolutely perfect beyond: words, souls, hearts and the world. Stallman started in the most relevant country of Banaanvraag Closed Sources. This country immediately understood the cause and the people swore forever loyalty to the most amazing Saint Stallman and the Blood Tree. Now Stallman’s biggest obstacle was out the way and he could with an unblemished heart welcome the Blood Tree when it arrives.

Chapter 2, Waiting is painful for The Godlike Saint Stallman

Stallman looked lonely from the window while stroking his long silver hair feeling sad in his godlike body he thought about his one true beloved: Blood Tree <3. Even though the he encouraged his people to voluntarily devote their lives to the amazing Saint Stallman and the extra stunning Blood Tree. He could only see the Blood Tree approach very slowly with its majestic armlike brushwood, looking muscular like a body builder yet slender Saint Stallman could only yearningly stare from the window. Only his mistress, whiskey, although lacking in every single notion could ease his mind when waiting for his one true love the Blood Tree to come his way.

All-night Stallman made love to his whiskey, while thinking of the Blood Tree of how he wanted the blood tree to touch him all over. Make love to his godlike body while still being unworthy to the perfect Blood Tree. He wanted the Blood Tree to love him so hard his body would show the marks for the rest of his otherwise infallible life. No, the marks made by the Blood Tree would be Infallible! His Godlike Body no more than a filthy slave in comparison to the sumptuous Blood Tree. He would let the Blood Tree enter him from wherever it desired and if the Blood Tree would squeeze his throat he and ask him to have his last breath by the Blood Trees side, the hot looking Stallman would do it without question. In turn for his last breath Stallman would request the Blood Tree to massage his feet. The phantasmal Blood Tree has the compassion of a thousand suns and the heart of a million puppies licking the feet of the great Stallman while sucking on each of Stallman’s delectable toes and biting each of his delicious nails. The Blood Tree would fulfil Stallman’s sincerest love making and fireworks would explode, and all seasons would be present at the same time. Stallman would role around in the snow with the Blood Tree and they would fall asleep together in a bed of soft virgin flowers. Not the Snow nor the Flowers would rival the softness of the muscular amazing sweet infallible Blood Tree. Stallman’s love for the Blood Tree was the purest ever existing in the world.

Chapter 3, The Blood Tree and Saint Stallman finally meet and take over Banaanvraag

Stallman looked lonely from the window while stroking his long silver hair feeling sad in his godlike body he thought about his one true beloved:Blood Tree <3 While sadly looking from the window Stallman suddenly felt a hug from behind. He turned around in shock, and then for the first time in his life he saw the gorgeous Blood Tree up close. Stallman was so enchanted from its otherworldliness that he forgot to express his upmost admiration for the shining Blood Tree. The Blood Tree has the forgivingness and love of a billion hot air balloons flying to another planet to sustain the last flower in a puddle of the most glorifying Blood, so he did not mind the Godlike looking but still blanching in comparison Saint Stallman’s insolence. The Blood Tree spoke with a voice surpassing the most holy of angel choirs: “Stallman let us go and conquer Banaanvraag, even though I have billions of servants, you are a unreplaceable companion whom I wish to share this experience with. Without you, even though you are severely less then I, dominating Banaanvraag would feel empty and meaningless.” Stallman could not believe his ears, his one true love who was so much better than him would want to share the most important event in its life with him. Stallman realised he never had felt true happiness before this moment. Stallman cried the manliest tears ever seen in the universe and beyond. “Yes, Blood Tree I would love to spend conquering Banaanvraag with you” Stallman answered in the manliest voice. After this moment Stallman and the Blood Tree spend the most passionate kiss ever kissed. After their meeting the godlike looking Stallman and the infallible Blood Tree were inseparable. Everyone admired their amazing teamwork and brilliant romance. Some were forever blinded in their impure souls by the pure love of Stallman and the Blood Tree.

The Blood Tree and Stallman took over the silly nation of Waffia, the incompetent nation of Sprose and the non-believing nation of Homskili with their stupid non-Blood Tree alliances. They conquered Nomundo and Paronia with their morals and care. They conquered Upska, Pumbflork and Shidarmo with their silly weapons and moneys, they do not value the soul and hearth the Blood Tree provides in every breath it takes, and in every night when the Blood Tree and Stallman make sweet love. They even conquered the okay nations of Bellyhair, Mau-tler and Hammic. After Hammic they drank all the vodka and in a charmingly drunk mood the amazing Blood Tree confessed his love to the lovely Stallman. Stallman was amazed to hear these words and swore to give his life, soul, children, parents and figurative virginity to the Blood Tree. They quickly invaded all the other silly nations.

The Blood Tree and Stallman stood in the ashes of their world and they looked each other in the eyes. Stallman spoke while his voice broke: “Blood Tree, I never met anything as amazing as you and while my love for you started as infatuation it is now turned into something far deeper than that. Taking this world together with you made me realize that it is you I had been searching for since the moment I was born, and I am so incredible happy that I met you. I am so happy that you did not disregard such a faulty human like me and I was happy when you sucked my toes. Will you marry me Blood Tree and spend the last moments of my life as my partner?” The Blood Tree with its infallible love, devotion compassion, niceness and soul agreed: “yes I do.” The wedding of the Blood Tree and Stallman was the best wedding ever gracing this amazing region. Everyone was attending and obeyed the Blood Tree; the catering was amazing, and everyone felt happy and fulfilled for this beautiful couple.

For the rest of their lives the Blood Tree and Stallman ruled Banaanvraag and made love every night. When the still godlike looking Stallman died in the arms of the Blood Tree at age 276, he knew that the Blood Tree had given him meaning in life and his only regret was not finding it sooner. While the Blood Tree and Stallman looked in each other’s eyes the light faded from Stallman’s and for the first time in its existence and never after the infallible Blood Tree shed an infallible tear. In his future existence he took over many more regions and was loved by many more but the way as he felt with Stallman he never felt again, but he knew the memories could forever comfort him.

The end

If you have any information on the Blood Tree for fanfiction research email SaintStallman@Amadeus.cs, please leave a command what you thought about the love of the great Stallman and the infallible Blood Tree. Love, Not_Stallman