534 Banaanvraag Football Championship

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The 534 Banaanvraag Football Championship was the first regional football championship in Banaanvraag, held in Waffia in 534 AP. The championship was won by Sprose.


The following countries took part in the championship:

Death of Cad Bane

Some time before the group match between Pumbflork and Upska, the head referee of the match, Cad Bane, was reported as "not feeling well" by officials from Pumbflork. The head referee was replaced by a reserve referee from Waffia. After the match, Sententiar reported that Cad Bane had been missing since before the match. Four days after his disappearance, his body was found in a nearby apartment. Police concluded that he had been kidnapped by Pumbflorkians in an attempt to influence the match with Upska, but had starved to death for unknown reasons. Those responsible for his death have not been found.