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Flag of Banaanvraag
map of the region
Map of Banaanvraag
WA Delegate Waffia
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Banaanvraag is a region and a universe on its own.



The Lyrical Ice Cube incident

The Lyrical Ice Cube incident (534) in which an escaped specimen of the critically endangered species from Paronia went to Nomundo where it was captured subsequentually died due to hypertermia in a Nomundian cell. Due to the coldheartedness of Nomundian officials the relations between Nomundo and Paronia were frosty. However, Nomundo replaced the Lyrical Ice Cube with a clone called Olaf 2.0 which melted the situation.

Armirist officials disappearances

Armerist invited officials from all nations to witness a sacrificial ritual for the Blood Tree, none of which ever returned. This is not so surprising since Armirist had already proclaimed this possibility. (534)


International relations